After a class win on their debut at the final BEC round of 2023, Chris Bialan and Simon Mason are back for 2024 in the new Touring Car class. Potentially the oldest driver pairing on the grid, (Chris is officially a pensioner and Simon is closer to it than he’d like), this pairing have decades of motorsport experience behind them both having won championships in the past.

Chris has many philanthropic activities including a charity building a school in Africa, and another helping homeless people get back on their feet through his “Bee Mission” initiative. Loving a challenge Chris finds great pleasure in motorsport so he’s back for another season.

Simon is classified as a pro driver making his living through motorsport, coaching drivers, demonstrating cars for the likes of Aston Martin and Ferrari and now through Sim Dynamics with their high quality simulators built specifically for race driver training. “Chris proves the value of coaching AND simulator training, we use both regularly, he can out pace all but the younger, most to prove drivers, to the point where I often have to dig deeper than I wanted in order to stay ahead on fastest lap, I think that’s why we work so well together”.

The car will be prepared by Jabbasport, a VAG service and tuning garage from Peterborough. This is no normal service garage though, Jabbasport have been highly competitive in many race series for nearly two decades, so despite their small size operate as a professional outfit should.

Photo courtesy Simon Mason