What is the BEPI?

In classes within the British Endurance Championship where cars are not governed by either our own or a governing bodies Balance of Performance (BoP), we use our own proprietary system, The Britcar Endurance Performance Indicator (BEPI) to grade each cars performance to ensure a fair and level playing field in their respective classes in the Britcar Endurance Championship. Most multi-class series categorise their cars based on a simple power-to-weight ratio or an engine size formula but neither of these methods take into account all of the aspects of car performance. This can easily lead to a car with a lower power to weight ratio out performing a car with a higher power to weight ratio due to a more sophisticated suspension system, a better gearbox or superior aerodynamics. This can lead to frustration for teams and drivers unable to compete.

The BEPI uses the power and weight of the car but that is only part of the solution. We also take into account the aerodynamics of the car, the position of the engine, which wheels are driven, the style of gearbox, development of the suspension and aerodynamics and what electronic assistance aids the driver has access to. This is all fed into our online calculator which then takes this information, assigns various weightings to the different selections and calculates a figure, known as the BEPI figure. Each class has its own BEPI figure range making it easy to then classify each car based upon all these factors.

The data updates live to give you the opportunity to develop and adjust your car ‘virtually’ and directly see the result of how it will affect the classification of the car. The Britcar Endurance Performance Indicator system has proven itself to provide fair and even racing across the classes and with its refinement and re-balancing of the calculations it continues to provide this level playing field as new cars are produced and developed.

To cut down on the paperwork the competitors need to complete the BEPI form also forms the Championship Registration form.  You can fill in the BEPI/Registration form and tick the option that you are ‘Just testing your setup’ and keep playing around with your BEPI score to virtually tune your car to optimise its position in class.  When you’re ready to submit you simply select the ‘Final Submission’ option at the end of the form and we will log that as your Championship Registration pending payment.  To test your set up on the BEPI or to enter the Championship, fill in the ‘Registration and BEPI’ form on the ‘Entry Forms / Registration’ by clicking here.