Bell Sport & Classic have a 2004 Ferrari 360 Challenge in Rosso Scuderia with Rosso race interior.

A range of modifications over the standard 360 Modena make the Challenge model a well-honed track car. The 3.6-litre, 410 bhp F131B V8 is blueprinted, micro-finished, and sits on uprated engine mounts. Its gearbox also features an upgraded transmission control unit that enables faster upshifts, as well as a racing clutch with lightened flywheel. Uprated and stiffer suspension components are fitted throughout, including multi-way adjustable dampers with ride-height setting adjustment.

In the cabin, interior trim covers, door panels, and the standard glass windows are all removed, along with the sound-deadening material. In their place are a lighter front windscreen and rear glass, Lexan polycarbonate side window panels with slide openings, and carbon-fibre inner door panels with pull cords. There are FIA-approved fuel tanks, a bolt-in roll cage, and two fixed bucket racing seats with multi-point harnesses. Ahead of the driver is an OMP three-spoke racing wheel and LCD instrument panel, and a fire suppression system is also installed. The Challenge model works out to be around 115kg lighter than a standard 360 Modena.

The bodywork of this car is in excellent condition, showing no panel damage, having had only light use. Previously used exclusively for track days, the car successfully competed in the 2023 Bell Sport Challenge Series with a number of class wins and was maintained to the highest degree by the Bell Sport Challenge series race team.

This Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge is a thrilling racer, which is eligible for a wide range of competitive events. It is an ideal entry route for an enthusiast who is looking to campaign a Ferrari for the first time but could equally just be used for exciting track days if serious competition is not on the agenda.

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