PB Racing is a privately-owned Audi Sport Customer Racing Team, founded in 2011 by Peter Erceg and racing in Britcar and the British Endurance Championship for the fifth year in a row. Team Manager Dr Geertje Kreuziger writes “we know motorsport is about winning, but for PB Racing we’ve found ways to give something back to this incredible but also at times exclusive sport. We are investing in young talent and new initiatives to help strengthen equality, diversity and inclusion in Motorsport and provide an educational programme promoting Motorsport in the UK. These ambitions are aligned with those of the Motorsport UK’s  Strategy Roadmap.

Through our collaboration with three UK Universities for the 2024 season, we are creating opportunities for young talents to gain work experience with PB Racing to support their future career development and to gain access to the motorsport industry.

Working with Ravensbourne and Solent Universities, and the University of Greenwich since February 2024, we have taken on ten students and recent graduates, of which about half are female, and coming from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

Our students form our ‘Creative Team’ and attend a variety of courses, such as Sports Journalism, Photography, Digital Film and TV Production, Branding and Product Design, Social Media and Digital Media Design.

The eight-month programme offers direct mentoring from our Team Manager, Dr Geertje Kreuziger, and the support from all PB Racing team members, on race weekends and in between races, test and race day attendance, and experiencing the fast-paced decisions needing to be made on and off the racetrack. So far, Geertje and Peter have spent over 150 hours working with our Creative Team members and are planning to extend the team over the next weeks.

This includes networking opportunities with other teams and professionals to develop skills and advance careers throughout the race season. Additionally, participants gain exposure on our various social media platforms, on which they are working. Check their work put on www.pbracing.uk, PB Racing (@teampbracing) • Instagram photos and videos and PBR Round One BEC 2024 (video on YouTube).

Student Achievements

Within a few days of starting the assignment, our student team had hit the ground running, demonstrating they have no fear in the fast-moving environment of motorsport.

We have seen them showcase their skills whilst growing in confidence and undertaking a range of tasks including:

  • Interviews with our drivers during test and race days
  • Producing race reports with concise copy and powerful images
  • Exploring the use of new social media formats and producing posts
  • Creating videos and films about our racing activities for our YouTube channel
  • Developing creative onboard footage using new technology
  • Enhancing PB Racing branding and producing partner material
  • Producing photographs of our car and drivers

Briefing in the Britcar marquee at Snetterton

BEC Support

Our student team has also been supported by the British Endurance Championship organisers, who arranged a meeting with our team and key members of the Britcar Team during the BEC Race at Snetterton and explained the work the photographers, videographers and social media managers undertake.

Other planned joined activities for the next BEC race at Silverstone include some TV media training and experience gathering for the students by the pit lane media team who operate BARC TV.

Further, our Sports Journalism students will have the opportunity to interview drivers under the guidance of the professional presenter, Ian Waterhouse, with the best interviews to be shown on the TV feed later in the day.”

MSUK Support

Motorsport UK’s Chief Executive Hugh Chambers adds, “The media and creative industry play such an important role in promoting and showcasing the best of motorsport. It’s important we support and provide guidance to the next generation of professionals and the work of PB Racing, including their involvement in the British Endurance Championship, is encouraging to see.