For sale is Team BRIT’s beloved Aston Martin V8 Vantage.
Chassis number 068, built by Prodrive/AMR as one of their homologated GT4 cars. In 2011 it had the evo upgrades and was converted by Prodrive from the older 6-speed to the newer 7-speed ASM gearbox.
The car was spec’d with all the options including:
  • Cosworth Omega ICD dash/logger
  • Brembo endurance brakes
  • Bosch adjustable TC & ABS, 12 settings for each
  • Brake bias adjuster (twin master cylinders)
  • Transmission cooler
  • AP air jacks
  • 120L endurance fuel tank
  • Upgraded exhaust manifolds
  • Hot climate radiator
£60,000 with list of spares
For more info, email