In an exciting title decider on the Donington GP circuit, Wayne Marrs and Tom Jackson claimed the British Endurance Championship crown, their Rob Boston Racing Mercedes GT3 winning the race overall by three quarters of minute, with just a slim two-point margin separating them from runners-up Chris Goddard / Charlie Hollings / Jamie Stanley, who’s RNR Performance Ferrari 458 was denied the title by losing the Class C lead in the closing minutes of the race, while Class D contenders Peter Montague, Stuart Hall and Dan Brown bagged the third overall title position in the MKH Racing Aston Martin GT4. A Class E race win for Alex Day and Will Foster’s CTR Alfatune Cupra TCR sealed the class title for them, and Mark and Jake MacAleer made a clean sweep of Class F wins, claiming the title in the process.

Words: Steve Wood, photos: Paul Cherry, Steve Jackman & Chris Valentine

Final race podium

A dry race with a fantastic grid set the scene for the final round

The #160 Mercedes takes the flag – and the title

#50 MKH Racing Aston landed third overall

#144 missed narrowly missed out on a class win